Delicious almond cake layered with rum infused salted caramel mousse, glazed with salted caramel sauce and pistachio crunch on the sides.


Fragrant berry cake layered with vanilla mousse and fresh blackberries. Glazed with blackberry jam and  cookie crumbs sides.


Fluffy vanilla and pandan cakes complemented with light vanilla buttercream, garnished with nuts all over. This is a totally addicting cake!


Tasty cake layered with mascarpone and cream cheese mousse moistened with espresso syrup. Delightful!


Tropical in your palate! Vanilla cake layered with passionfruit mousse and fresh seasonal fruits, atop with passionfruit glaze and cake crumbs sides.


Bottom crust holds moist chocolate cake layered with chocolate and vanilla mousse, decorated with handmade chocolate lace all around.


This is for hazelnut-chocolate lovers! Chocolate cake layered with Nutella infused mousse, garnished with hazelnut pralines sides.


Light, airy and fluffy pandan flavored angel food cake. Super delicious! Exotic flavor for a low calorie cravings.

$20 - 9 inch

Caramel Concerto

Passion For Chopin

Blackberry Vivaldi

Chocolat et Vanille

Le Jardin

Hazel Handel

Mezzo Espresso

Pandan Sponge Cake

6" cakes @ $50 (min order 2 cakes)
8" cakes @ $65
Please order cakes at least 3 days before pick up / drop off date